McCrystals Track

Bellurgan Wheelers

Bellurgan Wheelers Cycling Club are located at McCrystals Track, Jenkinstown, Dundalk, Louth, A91KD68. It is the newest permanent sporting grass venue in the country. The track hosts both training & racing Cyclocross events traditionally in the late summer and all through the winter months. However we have also started to offer out of season cyclocross training camps for all ages with huge success. Please see the race calender for all up coming events.

The thinking behind our cyclocross track is a simple one. The lack of permanent training & racing cycling venues in Ireland means it’s difficult for cycling enthusiasts to train & race safely, especially for newcomers to the sport. Bryan McCrystal, the track host, has raced bikes for over 15 years and always raced at a competitive level. He shares the same view of most in the sport, that Ireland doesn’t have adequate facilities to accommodate or attract athletes to the sport. However, we have lots of grass! He can’t take all the credit however, it was his late father Pat that planted the seed for the track when they discussed about creating a  safe walking/training venue for the community many years back.

With an onsite shop owned by his uncle Tom situated at the foot of the Cooley Mountains and the potential of future development Bryan thought this was a good idea. But It was only after riding bikes and seeing the cyclocross sport that the idea came back and this is where we are now. One wonders what Pat might think of the place now.

Cyclocross is fun, family oriented, safe and welcoming. 

Please come and view and ride our track anytime.

The cycling community have really embraced and supported the development so far, proving the real need for a facility like ours.

3 KM of Track
40 Corners
6 Configurations
15 Annual Races
2020 Established
5 Euro per rider

A Track Built For All

Not only does the McCrystal track host local, and national cx events, it is also available for you to arrive and ride. This is open to all Cycling Ireland members and costs just five euro per rider. Simple check we are open via phone or email and pay at the shop on arrival. A family rate for multiple riders is also available.


Let's Ride Together

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We have our own trained marshalls to help competitors with any issues which may arise during the event.



At McCrystals Track we have a clearly marked out track for all our competitors so that safety is prioritised for riders and spectators.



We will have paramedics on-site for each event that we run, we want to ensure safety is paramount for all competitors.

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Here at McCrystals we ensure all our competitors have their progress tracked lap by lap.