Summer CX Round 1

Cross is back..

Tonight we got going again. A few weeks premature maybe but it still didn’t keep the few away that registered.  It was flat to the mat from the whistle and there’s no other race that makes you work as hard. There were a few red races but smiling ones.

Here are the Results

U8-U12 Youths 

Youths were off first and it was good to see newcomers try cx out for the first time. Maisey and Lara Campbell did excellent in their first-ever event. Ben Cunningham was first in the boys with Billy lord and Cahir Hughes having great races behind in 2nd and 3rd. Sean Og McMahon raced his first race also and finished very strong.


1st was Declan McEntee and he looked like he hasn’t been off the cx bike. 2nd was  Josh McClune who had a great ride apart from a minor mechanical. Conor Campbell opened up the pipes in preparation for Sunday’s XC champs finishing in 3rd. In the girls, Grace O Rourke was in fine form in  1st  with Eire McCrystal and Sky Spence in 2nd and 3rd.

Thats us up and running  now every Tuesday night, you can register here

Well Done all