Summer CX RD3

Round 3 was a little special welcoming back home Youth Olympic Silver medalist Conor Murphy. It was great for the kids to see Conor with his medal and hopefully dream that one day it could be them.

You can find the results here

The racing was good with Leo Gallagher really going out hard and keeping the pace up finishing 1st. Not too far behind was Jaxon Jennings and Logan McAreavy 2nd and 3rd. We had no youth girls.


The U-14 – Adult race went off after more photos with Conor but we weren’t letting him have an easy night so we put him at the back of the grid. He got to the front eventually with PJ hynes doing his best to keep him away finishing 2nd. Last week’s winner  Barry Convery was having a good battle with David O’Neill for 3rd. Barry moved away in the closing laps holding 3rd

Rhiannon Dolan was on the cx bike tonight for the first time this year back from her Belgium travels with TC Racing. Rhiannon finished 1st with Caroline Martinez 2nd and Ava Baker 3rd. We tend to pull the younger riders early and stay within their race limits.

See you next week

Thank you Damian for the photos.